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Chart-to-Bill Reviews

Review Areas Include:

  • Billing

  • Coding

  • Compliance

  • Revenue Cycle

  • Management Process reviews

  • Revenue Capture

  • ​The regulatory environment

  • ​Payer challenges

  • ​​​Reliable, Quantifiable Results are provided


  • Doc Genie

Litigation Support:

AQC's professionals and experts provide authorative, objective, and credible analyses of healthcare files reviewed as part of healthcare fraud investigations.

For Hospitals and Physician Providers:

AQC has greater than 50 cumulative years experience working in the healthcare industry.

For Healthcare Litigation:

AQC provides authorative, objective, and credible analyses of the healthcare files reviewed as part of healthcare fraud investigations.

For Litigation Council:

Department of Justice AUSAs, defense attormeys, and healthcare facilities have demonstrated a high degree of confidence in using AQC's findings to make prudent determinations regarding case resolution and disposition.

Process Reviews


AQC helps clients:

  • Identify baseline status by department

  • Refine existing processes and procedures

  • Provide cooperation and cohesion between departments

  • Improve operational accuracy and efficiency

  • Define strategies to optimize the organizations’ and individuals' future success, profitability and vision

  • Provide checks and balances procedures




AQC's professionals provide in-situ education and instruction tailored to clients' needs:

  • Billing
  • Coding
  • Compliance
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Process Management


Knowledge, Education, and Instruction are also provided via

HIM Reviews

​Health Information Management

HIM Directors' Tasks and Challenges:

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Compliance with HIPPA
  • Human Resource Management

HIM Department Basic Management Functions:

  • The 4 Basic HIM Functions
  • The HIM Department and Its Roll
  • How HIM Directors Function and Perform


Paula Digby comes highly recommended within the industry. Her knowledge and teaching are revered by many. Paula speaks regularly at:

  • American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
  • Georgia Health Information Management Association (GHIMA), Coding Roundtable Chair
  • Webinars weekly to students
  • At least twice yearly elsewhere by invitation

Our Mission

AQC is Optimum Healthcare Consulting

   AQC provides various process design implementation and review services to assist clientelle in all areas of Healthcare Billing/Coding/Compliance arenas.

  AQC provides documentation knowledge, education, and training services thru in-situ, teleconference, and online venues.

AQC believes: Relationships are the Key

   Keys to success include building and maintaining relationships, providing education, and regular communications.

Our Team

Staff and Affiliates:


Paula Digby, CCS, CPC, CPCI​,


Stephanie Albright


Heather Bryans

Coder, KSU

Areas of Practice

  • Billing / Coding (Chart to Bill Reviews)
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Health Information Management Reviews
  • Process Design Reviews
  • Process Design Implementation
  • Documentation Knowledge Education
  • Loss Prevention Education
  • Income Stabilization Education
  • ​In-Situ Education
  • Online eLearning Portal
  • Coaching
  • Teaching
  • Speaking
Professional Associations


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Raving Fan

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